Sunday Dinner

What is your idea of Sunday dinner? 

Growing up, food, dinner time, things like that weren't really a big thing. I don't blame my parents at all, they were both so busy working to give my brother and myself a great life. 

I have this image in my head now that I have my own family. I love dinner time. I want it to be something my kids remember and come back to.  The thought of having my grown kids, and perhaps grandkids one day at my house on Sundays for dinner makes my heart happy. 

I like to cook big meals and even though our schedule as a family isn't traditional, I do tend to cook more on the weekends. I say its not traditional because of the way my husbands schedule is, sometimes he isn't home on the weekends like the normal M-F worker is. 

Dinner time to me is special. I give my kids full bellies and my husband comes home to a house that *hopefully* smells good with home cooking. 

Family time and dinner time. My favorite!