Long nights

Sometimes I sit here and find the nights get harder for me. I love my nights. Like most moms and dads, it is time I have to myself to watch tv, read, or whatever else I may want to do.  

Lately, my kids have gotten into a bad habit of not wanting to sleep in their room. They share a room because they wanted bunk beds and just flat out wanted to share a room. Now my daughter has been trying to come in our room in the middle of the night. This upsets my son. So we've come up with a maybe middle of the road solution and let them sleep in the living room.  

At first, it didn't bother me. Then slowly there have been more and more plushes coming into the living room and the type "A" in me comes out and wants everything cleared out.  

I try to take a step back and know that just like all the other little stages in life, I will hardly think back and remember this mess.  

Then tonight, they made a fort. I think there may be 40 plushes in there, ha!  (Can you even spot the 2nd kid?) My brain immediately goes to "oh my gosh I can't wait to pick that up in the morning". 

Y'all, look how sweet.  And I mean really, is there any way she is freaking comfortable? I move on pass the clutter knowing they are happy. They are peacefully asleep knowing their parents are right in the room next to them. That is what matters. Comfort. Warmth. Love. The mess will be a thing of the past before you know it. 


Pokémon party

Pokémon party