Make that dollar stretch...

Hi y’all! Need an idea to make your dollar stretch this week?

Today in the kitchen I am taking this pork loin and making it into 3 meals. Yes, 3!

I paid 6.38 for the entire pork loin. When I make it into 3 meals that will make it $2.13 per meal.

If you’re feeding 4, as I am, that is about .53cents each person.

You can’t beat that for home cooked meals! All you have to do is plan so you can skip that drive-thru.

First meal, Pork Parmesan. I cut 8 chops off of this pork loin.

Second meal, Pulled Pork Sandwiches. I used a larger chunk of meat to make the pulled pork. This will give me enough for 4 of us to make 2 sandwiches if we want.

Third, Fried Rice. I will supplement the chicken in this recipe and use the pork. Just as delicious!

The total weight of this Pork Loin is 4.31lbs. 
I used about 2 lbs for the pulled pork, 1 lb for the fried rice and 1 lb for the pork chops. 


Sliced Pork Chops for Pork Parmesan

Roast for  Pulled Pork

Roast for Pulled Pork


Cubed up Pork for Fried Rice