Did I just turn into Hobby Lobby?

So the other day, I’m driving my children somewhere around town. We pass this house, and I see all these orange bags around the trees, and I really didn’t pay too much attention to it other than noticing…
On the way back home, I saw it again. I looked a little more carefully, and I noticed it was Halloween decorations! Y’all! It is the end of August. I was a little surprised…
But then…
I realized not only were they just being Hobby Lobby (You know… Putting out decorations way before the actual holiday), here I am doing the same thing INSIDE of my house! :)
Yesterday, I finally felt good enough <back injury> to clean our hall bathroom closet. It’s this huge closet, so I store a lot of my holiday things in there.
While I was cleaning it out, I kept out my Thanksgiving pillow covers so I could go ahead and put them on. Because you know… 3 months will be here in a jiffy.
Don’t be ridiculous. :):):)
I love Thanksgiving. My thoughts are these people love Halloween. I get it. Holidays are short and we want to enjoy them to the fullest.
Thanksgiving is my favorite for so many reasons. One of the biggest is because we celebrate it at our house. So it used to be just my immediate family. But now it has grown, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my family so much and it brings me Pure Joy to be able to cook for them all while spending time with them.
Yeah, Hobby Lobby. Full effect, Hobby freakin’ Lobby is about to go down in my house.
And I’m not mad at Hobby Lobby, okay?
When y’all get mad and complain that they have Christmas stuff out in March, I’m secretly making little elves jump in my head with excitement because I know I can stock up for months before the season!
You know Christmas comes out in March and it will be 50% off by May, it’s called planning y’all!
Come on now.
I have started with my tablescape as well. While y’all might decorate for Fall… I decorate for the Saints because Fall in this house is all about football.
Fall/Winter is definitely my favorite season. Louisiana MIGHT get a cold front, and something about that cold front just puts all this life into my bones. It makes me happy. It makes me energetic. It makes me a “doer”. I love being a doer. And frankly, it makes me feel downright giggly like a school girl.

What is your favorite Holiday and is there a reason?

Cherry Berry

My baby. My booboo. My sweetie pie. 

You can call this little girl just about anything and she will fit it. My other little boy just didn't happen to be in the photo at the time.  He was sitting not too far away on the loveseat behind me. But this little girl, she won't leave my side.  She is attached, and I love it just that way. 

Have you ever had a dog help you heal? These two, we weren't planning on, they just happened.  I had my two dogs for 10 years before, and within the same year they passed.  I was very depressed after losing them. Many people who know me know how much they meant to me. They didn't get as much attention after having the kids, like most dogs find. 

We stumbled upon these two dogs and knew we had to have them. They have brought so much light into our lives.  They love like no other, and they make sure to show it.  Crazy kisses come in all sizes for everyone who walks through this door.  I've never seen dogs love kids the way the loves ours. Our kids sure feel the love too which makes me extra happy. 

I wish all dogs could feel this loved. 


Edited to to add a picture of my other little. Chew Boo.