Meatless Marinara and Cheese Calzone

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 Back in the day, I loved hot pockets.  You probably did too- busy parents who worked a lot and a frozen hot pocket calling your name.  So easy to just nuke it and eat.  This takes a tad bit of work because you have to make the dough, but tastes oh so better. 

I love pizza nights but sometimes I like to mix it up.  This is a nice option to lighten it up and makes a really great lunch. 



  • Pizza dough found here
  • Favorite marinara sauce
  • Shaved parmesan cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese pearls 
  • Ricotta 

Directions per calzone:

  • Roll out your dough (I use these empanada presses posted below and make them in the 6" size)
  • 2tbsp marinara 
  • 2tbsp ricotta
  • 4-6 mozzarella pearls 
  • shaved parmesan on top 
  • fold over and press 
  • place on a cookie sheet, or a pizza pan 
  • bake on 500 for 8-10 minutes