School, Practice, Dinner, Oh My!

I have a very different schedule than most parents.  Obviously, we homeschool and I can do it at night, the mornings like a traditional school, or whenever we want.  I always do it early. The earlier the better for my kids and myself honestly. We do our school, lunch (break) then finish up any schooling and head out to practices (homeschool PE, cheerleading, baseball, basketball, you name it- I try to keep them super active!). 

We have this thing in our house called 5 o'clock shuffle.  Do you have the shuffle in your house?  If we aren't running around town, we are home getting dinner ready and doing the whole night time hoo-ha.  My kids start losing their mind.  Literally. It's like "who the heck are you?" I don't know what happens. 

It seems so chaotic and I try to get my kids busy doing something that will allow me to keep my sanity and prepare dinner. 

"Mama, I'm hungry"

"Mama, can I have a snack" 

"Mama, watch this cartwheel for the 400th time" 

"Mama, can I help you cut this"

"Mama, watch me jump"

"Mama, watch me lift my leg"


You know this picture, right? 

I love to make them go play in their room, but when that doesn't happen I set up their Osmo. They got this from their Grammee this Christmas. We absolutely love this.  It's educational and my kids become entranced with it.  They are quiet and engaged, it just does so much.  The downfall is you obviously already have to have an iPad.  But it is quite worth it!  

Osmo has many different apps.  It teaches them letters along with reading sight words, shapes, math and numbers, art, and coding. There are different kits, and you can choose the best one fitted for your child... Or get them all like we did.  They really do like every single one. 

So, if ever you need help and don't want to just throw a screen of some sort at them, try the Osmo.  Yes, it is still screen time, but it is fun and educational. Rewarding for the whole house.  

I've included the links below. Try one out. I think you and your child will be happy with it.

Osmo Starter Kit