Chicken Calzones

So! I said I'd write a blog post about my new recipe "Chicken Calzones".  

See, there is a backstory here.  I loved this place in town so much.  They had pizzas that were perfect.  All sorts of calzones that were exciting to try.  Salads with yummy dressings and toppings, and the perfect little sandwiches to put with them.  

Well one day we went there for lunch, and when we are done eating all of our food (of course), I noticed that we had a visitor in the booth with us.  Right behind me was this little ole' roach.  I hurried to get out of the booth because I didn't want the darn thing to crawl on me, that would have just topped it off.  Immediately I start gagging because we just ate. You know if you see those things outside of the kitchen, just imagine what's in the kitchen.  That's just my opinion! 
Now, I can never go back. Never.  I don't care if every other place we eat at has them, I have never saw them, and that is what matters, right?  We all know that places we eat at are not as clean as our own home.  They can only control that to an extent. 

This hasn't been all bad though.  I've learned a lot of different recipes that I wouldn't have learned how to cook at home. 

The Chicken Calzone is my husband's favorite.  I will post my favorite, Portobello Panini, soon. 

Italian night at home has been created because of this little bitty roach. Maybe there is some good that can come out of those things! HA!