buffalo chicken sliders


Chicken batter:
2 cups flour
3 tbsp Slap Ya Mama original seasoning

2 large chicken breast
Oil for frying

1 cup Crystal Hot Sauce
1 tbsp butter

Heat oil to 350

Prepare chicken
Cut breast in half (Separating the top part of breast from the tail part)
Cut those halves in half this time by making them thinner (you don’t want to have them too thick so it will be easy to bite into and tender)
Take your patties, you will now have 8 and pound them thin
In a large bowl, mix slap with flour
Put the chicken in the batter mix and batter on each side
Carefully place in hot oil
Fry until golden and crisp on each side
Make sauce:
Melt 1 tbsp butter and add 1 cup hot sauce
Turn off heat
Place chicken patties in sauce to soak it up
Assemble slider!
Add any toppings you like:
Bleu cheese