easy buttermilk biscuits

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The secret to motivating yourself to cook more at home is to make it easy.  
These biscuits are just that.  My mom called while I was in the middle of making them the other day and asked what I was doing... She acted like it was a big ordeal to make biscuits.  I feel like in her mind, my hair was pulled back all messy with flour thrown all in it along with flour on the kitchen floor and counters... and I of course was full of sweat with my hands in the air... and probably cursing... definitely she thought I was cursing. I'm proper like that.
But that wasn't the case at all. These are simple as can be. You can literally have homemade biscuits start to finish in under 25 minutes. 

4 cups self rising flour
1/4 cup very cold butter cut into cubes
1/4 cup cold shortening cut into cubes
1.5 cups cold real buttermilk
Yes self rising flour matters
Yes real buttermilk matters
Does it matter if you use all shortening or all butter? Meh... It changes it, but either way you will still get a good biscuit! 
Preheat your oven to 500 (Sorry Louisianaians!) 
Use a cast iron and put it in the oven to heat while you mix the biscuits
Place flour into a bowl
Put in the cold cubes of butter and shortening
Using a pastry cutter, cut into flour until it is crumbly
Add buttermilk and use a fork to mix
It will be a shaggy dough
Put a little flour on the surface you will roll your dough out on
Place dough on surface and sprinkle a little flour on top
Pat the dough until you make a rectangle
Fold the sides into the middle
Folding will create the flaky layers you look for
Repeat a few times but do not over handle the dough
Cut out into desired sized biscuits
Carefully remove pan from oven and place the biscuits on the hot pan
Cook for around 12-16 minutes until golden on top