Corndogs… Mustard… I don’t know if I love corndogs because it is acceptable to dip as much mustard possible onto that little object.
I’m mustard weird.
Like really weird.
Fix my kids a sandwich, I have to squirt mustard on my finger just to taste it weird.
Yeah, I’m serious.
Scared? HA! It’s okay.
Everyone has their quirks!
Okay. Well, that is out the way at least.

1 cup cornflour (I like to use a cornflour blend. It is blended perfect and keeps the batter light, not gritty… I can’t stand an overly gritty battered dog)
3/4 cup milk- I am sorry to say this is a slight guesstimate. You may need more. You want it to be a thick pancake batter consistency. However, if it is too thick it will not stick to the dog. So you may have to thin it out a little bit. Just do a splash at a time.
2 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp slap ya mama
1 egg
Canola Oil for frying

Heat oil to 350
Mix the mixture above
Dry off each hot dog (I cut the dogs in half)
Dip each dog into the mixture
Place into the hot oil and fry until golden