Smoked pulled pork sandwich with spicy coleslaw 

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Do you love smoking meats? I am just a newbie at this, but I love it. There are lots of books out there to read to help you figure out smoking techniques. 
This meat is really simple, nothing fancy pants about it. 

2.5 lb pork butt (boneless) 
Slap Ya Mama Original seasoning
Smoking chips (I like apple, cherry) 

Use the directions according to your smoker
Season your pork all over
Smoke until internal temp lets you know it is cooked through
When you get it out of the smoker, allow it to cool a little
Shred the pork and place in a bowl
Add bbq sauce to it until it is nice and wet
These are my two bbq sauces: Apricot BBQ and Tangy BBQ
Or use your favorite bottled one!