boudin egg rolls

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Today’s post goes out to a friend, René (@northsiderbbq). He has become one of my favorite food friends on Instagram.

Many months ago René started following me and messaged me because he used to work in Louisiana and he told me how much he missed it and Cajun food. I learned a lot about him and even more about food. One thing he taught me was his love for people.

You know those people, right? They have bright energy and love being around other people. They always talk up their friends and are positive.

One of his friends he told me about was T-Wayne.

T-Wayne has a bbq truck in South Louisiana that René spoke so highly about. Sadly, tonight I read that T-Wayne passed away. One dish René told me T-Wayne made was boudin egg rolls (we love boudin y’all!) and so with his help, this dish was created in my kitchen.

When people say cooking is love, it really is love y’all. Passion, friendships and so much more can be created in a kitchen. Get in there!


Eggroll wrappers (12)

3 cups of matchstick carrots

3 cups of matchstick onions

6 cups shredded cabbage (green)

1lb Boudin

Slap ya mama


Oil for frying


heat oil to 350

while waiting on the oil to get to temp, assemble egg rolls

fill with desired amount of fillings, I like it stuff with veggies and then I crumble the boudin in there

sprinkle some slap ya mama and/or cayenne pepper

once filled, wrap it up

place carefully in hot oil

fry until golden