creamy bacon jelly shrimp bites 

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So many different flavors going on with this bite sized baby. 
You have the crunch of the bacon, which is just yummy bacon. Then the soft creamy tang of cream cheese. It is followed by the crunch and spice of the shrimp with a sweet dollop of blueberry bourbon jam. Finished off by sprinkling some slap ya mama and cayenne, it gives it that perfect salty spice. 

1 lb fried shrimp
1 lb cooked bacon (1 piece of bacon can be cut to fit under 3 shrimp) 
8 oz cream cheese
Blueberry burbon jam (Or your favorite jam, branch out and have fun! We've also used sour cherry jam) 
Slap ya mama seasoning

Cut each bacon into 3 pieces
Take a dollop of cream cheese and place on top of the bacon
Place one shrimp on top of cheese
Top the shrimp with the jelly
Sprinkle cayenne and slap ya mama on top