instant pot “Boiled” peanuts


I love boiled peanuts. When you see an old man on the side of the road with little zip lock baggies full of boiled peanuts, you know you’ve reached a new level of country folks.
They are amazing though. I like to get mine soft and juicy so I can pop one in my mouth, crack the shell with my teeth, suck the juice and then get the nuts out.
24 oz bag of raw peanuts
5 cups water
1/2 cup slap ya mama seafood boil spices
Potato (if needed)

Wash peanuts
Place water in the instant pot and add the slap ya mama spice
Add peanuts
We want the water to cover the peanuts, so put some foil balls on top (as pictured)


Place the trivet on top
Weigh down with a potato if needed
Seal lid and lock
Put it on the rice setting
Cook for 200 minutes or more if needed for desired softness