deep fried ribeye

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Where do I even start with this? I wish I had the emoji's so I could use the "eyes" one to see what is going to happen when I post this! HA! 
Okay, so if y'all follow me on facebook/instagram/blog, y'all know my dad stayed with us a while after his surgery.  One day he was scrolling through his Facebook and stumbled upon this video of a man who deep fried a whole ribeye.  
Well, being the health freaks we are (not), we fell in love! I am all about the deep fryer, he is all about beef. And vise versa!!! 
Well anyways, we did it... Results were that it was freaking fabulous. You get these crispy, well-done end pieces and a rarer center cut. Something to make everyone happy. 


  • Ribeye- 6.5 lbs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Zatarain's cajun butter injector


  • Prepare your ribeye by salting and peppering the outside liberally
  • Inject it all over with the cajun butter
  • Set up your fryer
  • Heat oil to 350
  • JUST LIKE A TURKEY, carefully lower the ribeye into the hot oil- SLOW! 
  • Fry 3.5 minutes per pound
  • Take it out and let it rest- cover it with foil to lock in the juices
  • Slice to desired thickness
  • ENJOY! (and don't tell your cardiologist) 
Here is the well done end piece 

Here is the well done end piece