stove top steak tips 

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I always feel like I need to put a recipe with my post on here. However, sometimes it is just about an idea.  
We all need ideas sometimes and this is one of my favorite meals to put together in a pinch. 


  • Steak- I almost always use filet for this. It is just so much more tender. I always buy the "butt end" when it is on sale.  I can get enough steak to feed about 5-6 people for $18 
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chopped garlic
  • Butter 
  • Oil 


  • Prepare your steak: 
  • Cut off the fat from the steak 
  • Cut into cubes in whatever size you desire 
  • Salt and pepper liberally 
  • Chop up your garlic and set aside 
  • Using a heavy bottom pan, heat it up on medium high heat 
  • When it is hot, Place you steak in there, do not overcrowd your steak so you can get a good sear on it 
  • We like ours medium/medium rare, so this literally takes just getting a sear on it 
  • When it is seared, I put the butter in the pan, I usually start with half a stick 
  • Add garlic 
  • It will make a little sauce to go on your steak 
  • Serve!