Paneed Saltine veal 

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Veal.  You can add that to the list of foods I knew nothing about until I met my husband. My mom grew up on a farm, and there was no way a piece of veal was going to make it into our house.  Had you told me I was eating baby cow when I was a kid, I'd be devastated.  Thankfully, I'm over that now! I love paneed meat, and veal being so tender is a perfect cut to cook this way.  This was the first thing my husband cooked for me.  He was at his grandparents house and they were so proud of him.  I really was fooled into thinking he cooked! 


  • Veal cutlets (about 4-6) 
  • 3 eggs 
  • 1 sleeve of saltine crackers, crumbled up 
  • Oil 
  • Salt and pepper 


  • Make sure all the veal is the same thickness- you may have to pound some out 
  • Season each side with salt and pepper 
  • Put the crumbled saltines in a bowl 
  • Mix up the 3 eggs in another bowl 
  • Dip the veal in the egg 
  • Dip the veal in the saltines 
  • Place into hot oil and cook until golden