rosemary slapped filet tips with mushrooms

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Steak tips are so easy to cook. You can make them on a weeknight and it seems to stretch the steak even farther than serving just a slab of steak. 
Easy and delicious!  
Oil to cover bottom of pan
Olive oil to lightly coat steak
2.5 lbs beef filet cut into cubes
1 tbsp slap ya mama seasoning
1 tbsp crushed rosemary
1 pack of mushrooms (any kind desired) *optional
1 stick of butter *optional, if you cook the mushrooms
Heat oil in a cast iron pan, preferably the grill type
In a small bowl place the cubed steak in
Pour olive oil on top and toss to coat
Mix in seasonings and toss to coat evenly
Place steak in the hot cast iron and cook on eat side to desired doneness
Do not overcrowd the pan
Cook in batches if needed
Once you are done cooking the steak, add the stick of butter and mushrooms
Cook until tender, sprinkle slap ya mama on top