confetti cookies


So if you guys follow me on facebook or instagram, you know recently I became an ambassador for Miss Jones Baking Co. 
I made the confetti cookies one night, and iced them with the vanilla icing and confetti sprinkles. My 8 year old son snapped this picture. How awesome did he do?! 
These cookies are so cute, y'all! 
Their products are made with organic ingredients, no hydrogenated oils, no trans fats and no artificial flavors or colors.
If you're a parent, you know all about these artificial colors.  They sold me when I read that. Do dyes affect you or your kids?
But they have more qualities than just that. Not only can you adapt them to make them vegan or dairy free, but they actually still taste good. That's a huge deal! I remember the first time I bought my son crackers to snack on after we found out all his allergies, it tasted and LOOKED like cardboard.  It was horrible. This is allergy friendly for us and tastes amazing. 

 Use promo code 15RECIPE for 15% off their Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie 3-packs on Amazon!