old fashion banana pudding 

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Banana pudding is such a classic Southern dessert. You will see it at pot lucks at any given time. I like to jazz mine up a little with cream cheese and condensed milk.  Who doesn't like condensed milk? Or cream cheese? 
Go on, make ya some! 

1 pack of vanilla pudding
2 cups of milk
1 can condensed milk
1 8oz package of cream cheese
1 pack of vanilla wafers
1 container of cool whip
2 banana's (or more if desired) 

Mix 2 cups of milk with the pudding mix
Mix the condensed milk with the very soft cream cheese (If it is too hard to mix by hand, you can use a mixer) 
Fold the pudding into the cream cheese mixture
In a baking pan, lay out a layer of vanilla wafers
Pour the pudding on top
Put whip cream on top of the pudding
Place a layer of wafers on top