vokda pasta


PASTA!!!!!!!!!! VODKA!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t go wrong with either one of those.
So, there is this girl I met on instagram. She’s pretty awesome and she is a homecook like me! Her handle is @nycpeasant and you should really check her out. She posts many of her recipes.
One night, I really, really didn’t want to cook.
However, I had just done a big grocery haul and knew I needed to cook.
So I decide to go into my kitchen and cook something that was already in my pantry for a long time.
We pretty much all have the fixings.
It is a very simple recipe, everything we need on a busy, tiring weeknight.
Now, y’all go to instagram and add her!

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 11.02.59 PM.png