blackened cajun grilled tenders 

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Hi y'all! I am almost embarrassed to call this a recipe... I mean, it sort of is, right? Because I tell you the ingredients and what I do. However, it is just so dang simple that you may already do something like this! Or, if you don't when you see it you will be rolling your eyes and going to cook some chicken tenders! Ha! This is one of my favorite lunches to cook at home.  It's so easy. I try to always have some tenders in my fridge so I can cook this in a jiffy! 

1 lb chicken tenders
Slap ya mama cajun seasoning
Zatarains blackened seasoning
Oil for pan

Heat grill pan
Pour oil to cover the bottom
Sprinkle each side of chicken with slap ya mama and blackened seasoning
Grill on each side until done!