double trouble fries 

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Why in the heck would I name a french fry double trouble? I'll tell ya. These are a bit of a pain in the ass. How's that you ask? Well, because you bake the potato first, let it cool, slice it, and then you fry it.  So many steps man! But, completely worth it. Fries are really worth any trouble, am I right? These are best when you want to make thick steak fries! Crispy on the outside... tender on the inside.

4-6 large baking potatoes
Oil for frying
Salt or Cajun seasoning

Heat oven to 350
Poke holes in the washed potatoes
Wrap and bake as you would a baked potato
When done, let cool
Unwrap them and peel the skin (some folks like to keep the skin) 
Slice into large steak fries
Heat oil
Slowly add fries to the oil and fry until golden