Fried brussels sprouts with Dijon sauce


Yup. I done did it now. HA! Okay. Yes, I am Southern, and yes, we will fry anything.  It isn’t always easy being this healthy. So, I say today, let’s live it up baby! Fry your Brussels sprouts and enjoy your dinner tonight.
About 2 lbs Brussels, bottoms cut and sliced in half
Oil for frying
Slap ya mama
3 pieces of thick slab bacon
1/4 cup diced onion
4 tbsp. creole mustard
2 tbsp. brown sugar
3 pieces of bacon (reserve the fat)
1/4 tsp slap ya mama
Preheat oil to 350- if your deep frying, if you want to pan fry them put enough oil to cover the bottom of your pan and heat on medium high
Wash brussels sprouts
Prepare your brussels by cutting them in half and cutting the bottom stem area
Starting in small batches, place brussels in hot oil, do not put too many at a time because of the moisture content, you do not want your oil going too crazy!
Once crisped up, remove brussels from hot oil and sprinkle slap ya mama on them
Start your sauce
Cook the bacon until browned on each side and crispy
Remove bacon
Using the oil in the pan left from the bacon, mix all ingredients for the sauce in the pan
Heat up and pour on top of brussels sprouts
Serve! :)