bacon wrapped green beans

bacon wrapped ASPARAGUS

roasted rainbow carrots

southern style cream corn


smothered cabbage

broccoli salad

red wine mushrooms

fried brussels with dijon sauce

lemon roasted green beans

oven roasted corn

roasted asparagus

roasted brussels and potatoes

roasted okra with tomatoes

squash and mushrooms

squash and ZUCCHINI

southern mustard greens

spiced cauliflower

broccoli gruyere casser0le

cajun boiled corn


creamed spinach

kicked up lemon asparagus

roasted purple carrots and turnips

mashed up brussels sprouts

pan seared lemon asparagus

roasted lemon and parmesan broccoli

roasted brussels sprouts

sauteed spinach

sliced cabbage steaks

southern smothered squash

spicy coleslaw

squash casserole